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Black Glass TV Stand 2010/11

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Compare prices for Black Glass TV Stands

You won’t find a better range of black glass TV stands anywhere else - we’ve tracked down hundreds of them at the best prices around from leading UK stores.

A black glass TV stand will add a touch of class to your modern plasma LCD television and combine perfectly with it to give you the viewing experience you require.

We’re confident you’ll find a black glass TV stand, television cabinet or entertainment corner unit here to suit your budget - prices for cheap glass TV stands start at around £30, rising to more than £1,500 for luxury top the the range models.

We bring you black glass TV stands for all sizes of television - including 32-inch, 40-inch, 42-inch, 50-inch and 60-inch flat screen models - from leading UK TV and electrical stores

Scroll down for advice about choosing a black glass TV stand, cabinet or unit

Find the perfect Black Glass TV Stand, cabinet or entertainment corner unit for your LCD, LED, OLED or Plasma HD television

If you’re looking for a black TV stand, corner unit or cabinet, we have the biggest and best online range for you to take a look at - we’re convinced you won’t find a more extensive choice anywhere else.

Choosing a TV stand is no simple task - there are hundreds of different styles and models available in a variety of combinations of clear or smoked tempered glass, metal, chrome or aluminium or wood.

Some have a single glass glass top while others have a series of glass shelves for storing other units of your TV system including a Sky or Freeview digital box and DVD recorder or player.

Our speciality is the black glass TV stand which makes a stylish addition to any home and will enhance the overall appearance of your TV set - a glass TV stand is particularly effective at bringing out the best of today's impressive ranges of HD flatscreen LCD and plasma TVs.

We're confident we'll have something that appeals to you and suits your budget - that's why we've organised black glass TV stands, corner units and cabinets in price categories. You've come to the right site if you're looking for a black oak TV unit, pine TV unit, mahogany TV unit, corner TV cabinet, corner TV stand, glass LCD TV stand or another other style of TV entertainment unit - our range of television furniture is second to none.

Some of our featured products are made from combinations of chrome and glass, but the majority have an appealing black wooden element - so if you're looking for a wooden TV cabinet, wooden TV stand or any other type of wooden TV unit, you're sure to find something that catches your eye.

We've hunted around to find the best prices for a black glass TV stand from many of the UK's leading furniture and television stores including 247 Electrical, Argos. Asda, Comet, Currys, Dabs, Dixons, Coop Electrical, Focus DIY, Go Electrical, Home Furniture Land, Homebase, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Laskys, Marks and Spencer, Oak Furniture Solutions, PC World, Pixmania, Stand & Deliver, Tesco Direct, the Pine Factory and shopping giant Amazon. All stores have secure online shopping facilities and many offer a free delivery service.

We've also got all the leading brand names in TV entertainment units and stands including Alphason, Jual, Iconic, Notation Rondo, Optimum, Thorley, Strand, Sona, Atacama, Barlow,Panasonic,Spectral, Bracketdepot, Odessa, Sonorous and Techlink - you'll find them all here.

A black glass TVs stand will often consist of a sturdy structure which your television set sits on but there are many models available for the latest LCD TVs which comprise a cantilever feature and large bracket which your television screws onto so the TV is mounted at the rear of the stand - these will normally include a single glass shelf or several shelves for displaying your other TV units. These are much more sparse than the 'full unit' type glass TV stand but they have become very popular with the emergence in recent years of more and more elegant flat plasma TVs. A glass TV stand will often come fitted with handy castors or wheels which will enable you to move the unit easily to other parts of your room.

Choosing the right TV Stand, Corner Unit or Entertainment Cabinet

There's much more to choosing a black glass TV stand than just finding one that's large enough to accommodate your size of television. Your television and glass TV stand or TV unit will need to complement each other - a large black glass TV stand would look as ridiculous with a small LCD television as a small black glass TV stand would look with a huge 60 inch plasma TV.

It's important to take various things into consideration to ensure you get the best black glass TV stand available - if you've spent a small fortune on a state-of-the-art LCD television, there's no point buying a cheap and tacky glass TV stand, corner unit or TV cabinet. Where TV furniture is concerned it's usually wise to spend as much as you can afford - a cheap TV standard may be made from lesser materials and buying what could prove to be false economy. More expensive last TV stands however I likely to be top quality products, built to the highest standards from the best materials.

You will need to decide how high you want your television to be - most people are happy with their TV being at eye level when they are in the sitting position but there are others who like their television to be slightly higher and tilted forward if it's attached to an adjustable bracket.

You must decide how many other electronic entertainments units you want to display below your TV and then look for a black glass TV stand which will accommodate them all - some people like to keep all their audio and visual units in one location - DVD player, hard drive, home cinema amplifier, PVR, PS3, Wii, CD player, surround sound system - for example.

It's also worth taking the consideration your other furniture and decor at the room - a black glass TV stand is a piece of furniture in itself and, as such, it needs to blend well with everything else in the room, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Also ensure any glass TV stand or unit you are interested in is capable of comfortably taking the weight of your television.

If you want to buy a bracket-type black glass TV stand it may be worth looking for one which can accommodate a television slightly bigger than your current one - that way you can easily adjust it to hold a new television should you decide to upgrade to a larger one in future.

If space is limited in your room corner TV stand is often the ideal solution as it will fit into an area of the room that is often under-utilised.

It’s important to take a look at several black glass TV stands before deciding which one to buy - after all you're going to be spending a lot of time looking at whichever black glass TV stand your plump for and you wouldn't want to soon be regretting what you see, just because you made a rushed decision. Make the right decision when choosing your black glass TV stand, televisions cabinet or corner unit and you’ll have an attractive feature in your home for years to come.

A Black Glass TV Stand adds class to your home entertainment setting

Today’s televisions are available in a wider choice of sizes than ever before as dozens of TV manufacturing companies battle it out to corner their share of the market - small LCD and plasma TVs are a popular choice with students and people living in flats and accommodation with limited space. At the other end of the scale are huge LCD televisions - many with built-in features such as Freeview and DVD player - which are all the rage in hotels, pubs and bigger homes where many families have created their own home theatre cinemas, complete with wireless surround sound systems and cinema seating. You’ll find a black glass TV stand here for most sizes of television including 19-inch, 22-inch, 26-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch, 42-inch, 46-inch, 50-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch.

The introduction of new sizes of flatscreen TVs has seen the emergence of hundreds of new styles and sizes of glass TV stands and cabinets in a variety of styles and colours. Black is particularly popular and has a classy feel about it - we feature hundreds of quality products so you will have no trouble finding a black glass TV stand that appeals to your taste. Many of the wooden TV stands, which comprise a black glass top or shelves, are very appealing indeed - popular woods you’ll come across in our black glass TV stands include oak, walnut, teak and pine.

A black glass TV stand adds real class to your room and can blend in tastefully with your decor. Always take a look at a few TV stands first to ensure you make the right decision in choosing a quality product to enhance your overall television viewing experience.    

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